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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With billions of web sites crowding the Internet, all companies with Internet business interest must compete for position in the major search engines. Most companies concede that their web sites function only as on line support and reference for already established clients. However, the way search engines work is very democratic: they rank and place all the web sites according to their substance and technological merit. This levels the advertising field for all companies large and small. Consequently many corporations are restoring to external technical support to improve and optimize their web sites, eager to advance their positions in the web search engines. This support is usually provided by SEO firms which frequently operate supporting each one a large numbers of clients.

At EML Inc our business model identifies and selects a very limited number of clients, so we can achieve an effective improvement and optimization of their web sites. This might lead to significant increases in their business operations, the same way more expensive, traditional ad campaigns can achieve. We consider our technical support and business approach as a conduit for a comprehensive and strategic partnership with our customers.

We handle all known and experimental tools available for the Internet as well as our own analysis methodology, which we modify and adapt constantly, in order to follow the rapid development on internet technology and its applications. Our methodology includes constant web position tracking and analysis, latent semantic indexing, local inter-connectivity, competitive inbound link analysis, key phrase research, rapid technical adaptation and close communication with our clients. This is what set us apart as a results oriented company.

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